WFC Activities

※ Days that we hold classes and other activities may change by the month.
If interested in joining, please contact WFC office for more details.

Peace Studies


Hibakusha Stories

With advance notice, WFC can schedule Hibakusha first-hand accounts of how their lives have been impacted by the Atomic bomb. As well as sharing their stories of August 6th, 1945 and the effect on their lives and those that they loved, many Hibakusha also offer their vision and work for peace and forgiveness. The Hibakusha story typically includes time for your personal questions and concerns. Read Guest Comments >

Hibakusha Stories are offered online for groups. (schools, organizations, community groups, etc.)

Children's Peace Monument

Personal Guided Tours

The WFC strives to provide unique and valuable experiences which connect local Japanese residents with international visitors from around the globe.

Knowledgeable Japanese guides from Hiroshima and the surrounding areas provide a personalized tour of the Peace Memorial Park, A-bomb Trees, and Schmoe House. Read Guest Comments >

Internships & Volunteerships at WFC

The World Friendship Center is a small institution and has limited opportunities for interns and volunteers. However, we welcome both if the timing and scope of the intern or volunteer fits into the WFC schedule. For more information send a letter of inquiry to: WFC will respond with application materials. Applications will be reviewed by the chair and Directors of WFC as received.

English Classes

English Classes

Volunteer Directors provide native English speaking guided conversation classes each week. Several levels of comprehension, experience and topics are provided during the two-hour sessions held Monday through Saturday.

Conversation classes may be guided by a book, newspaper or magazine articles, current events, peace and other cultural and daily living topics. Classes emphasize individual participation in a relaxed setting and often include tea and snack refreshments.

Classes also participate in group activities ranging from eating out at a local restaurant, cooking, or touring a local business or scenic sight, to the preparation of Peace Lanterns or Peace Candles to honor traditions of Hiroshima.


Class Schedule         

Mon 16:30 Kids Class (2-3 times / month)
Tues 10:30~12:30 / 13:30~15:30
Wed 10:00~12:00 / 13:30~15:30
Thur 10:30~12:30 / 13:30~15:30 Reading Class (2nd & 4th Thursday) / 19:00~20:30 Youth Class
Fri 10:00~12:00
Sat 10:00~12:00 (once a month)


Class Fee

Class Fee

  • Adult Classes are 2 hours = 2,000 yen per session
    (Adults can save in months with 4 sessions by paying 6,000 yen at the beginning of the month)
  • Youth Classes are 1.5 hours = 1,500 yen per session
  • Kids Class is 1 hour = 1,000 yen per session
    (we offer multi-family discount for Kids class)

Translation Class

Students are assigned to translate Japanese books and other materials related to peace, such as Hiroshima and A-bomb testimonies, into English and receive guidance from the director. Translated resources are used by the Peace Resource Center of Wilmington College, the World Friendship Center, and other Peace Centers. 

2nd & 4th Friday of the month   10:00~12:00


Class Fee

  • Classes are 2 hours = 2,000 yen per session


Paper Cranes

WFC Hiroshima Pass-On Lectures


Monthly lectures in which we learn about peace and Hiroshima from different perspectives, in order to "pass them on" to others.
Click here to learn more about the Pass-On Lecture Series.(only available in Japanese)

4th Saturday of the month   10:00~12:00

Paper Cranes

Peace Seminar

Discussions led by Mr. Shoji Kihara, representative of No Nukes Hiroshima, on nuclear interest topics primarily including nuclear power plants. Peace Seminars are conducted in Japanese.

4th Tuesday of the month   13:30~15:30

Interactions & Other

Children's Peace Monument

WFC Peace Guide Group

Guide Group studies the history of Hiroshima and the reality of the atomic bombing in order to learn how to give guided tours of Peace Park and other a-bomb related places around Hiroshima.

1st Fridays of the month 13:30~15:30 (no meeting in August)

Guide Training

WFC Guide Training Program

Aspiring tour guides engage in a course to learn about the reality of the atomic bombing, core monuments in Peace Memorial Park, and best practices for guiding.

American PAX Soh Horie

Peace Ambassador Exchange (PAX)

During select years, citizens of Japan visit the United States or Korea and on alternate years, guests from America or Korea visit Japan, all part of the ongoing Peace Ambassador Exchange (PAX) program. The focus of the PAX program is to network and exchange ideas and materials related to peace, reconciliation, and nuclear issues, and to hear first-hand accounts of those whose lives have been impacted by war and the tragedies of atomic bombings. To foster interest in the PAX program from America to Japan exchange, the American Committee makes available up to four PAX Travel Scholarships. See Application Details, including a simplified submittal and applicant selection process.

Peace Ambassador Exchanges evolved from Barbara Reynolds belief that world peace begins with the building of personal and lasting friendships, or in her words, "To foster peace, one friend at a time." 

You can read more about PAX in WFC's Yu-Ai Newsletters.

2003 Emiko Okada

Friendship Hour

We meet to watch a movie, hear an interesting presentation and participate in a discussion – in English. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us.

Peace Choir Collage

Peace Choir

The Peace Choir has been gathering to practice and perform songs in both English and Japanese since 1997. Under the direction of Asaka Watanabe, a professional musician, the choir performs both as a small group and also as part of a larger performance, such as the August 6th Memorial in the Peace Park across the river from the A-Bomb dome.

1st Thursday of the month   13:30~15:30

Peace Dolls

Peace Doll Making

A revival of Chiyo Takeuchi's handcrafted peace dolls, at Barbara's request, to give visitors mementos that they can take back to discuss with their community.

2nd Fridays of the month

Mutsumien Visit

Mutsumien Hibakusha Nursing Home

The Directors as well as WFC Volunteers visit Mutsumien Nursing Home monthly.
Activities may include singing, talking, storytelling, planned entertainment and celebrating birthdays.

3rd Thursday of the month   14:00~15:00 (August excluded)
※activity currently on hold