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It has been 79 years since the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The 75th anniversary was said to be a milestone; but what we feel is important is our continuous efforts for peace.


When we are about to start something new, or when we come to crossroads, this is what we always ask ourselves:
"What would Barbara Reynolds think about this? What decision would she have made?"
Barbara was never one who wanted to be in the spotlight, but stood by and worked for the people of Hiroshima, especially hibakusha (A-bomb survivors). This is what we try to remember as we move forward.


As the last generation who will be able to hear first-hand testimonies from hibakusha, we invite you to join us in our activities to spread the message of peace. In recent years in Hiroshima, we often hear the word "succession." How do we preserve and how do we pass-on the story of Hiroshima?


Currently we are working on going through many of the documents and materials that are stored at WFC. Through that work, we are learning and pondering how all of these precious documents should be kept for the future.


We also have many books at WFC, both in English and Japanese. If you are ever in town, please stop by and have a look at them. They are available to read and return.


If you are interested in the activities at WFC or have ideas on ways you could help, please contact us and let us know.
Please join us in our efforts to work for peace and we hope to see you at WFC someday!

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Nano (USA)

January 2020

This has been a most moving and profound day.

Thank you so much for the work you do and how much you rekindled me to use my art for peace.

Diego & Laury (Spain)

November 2019

WFC was an amazing experience to us.

A totally different way to experience history and to connect with another culture.

It let us discover such a beautiful place like Hiroshima (we will come back someday, for sure) and meeting these amazing people

– so strong and so warm.

To Roger and Kathy, we can only give you our big thanks!

Jessica (USA)

April 2018

Dannie and Barb were a wealth of knowledge and eager to share and give you as much (or as little) additional information as you want. What an honor to have the opportunity to hear a hibakusha tell his story! Only regret is that I couldn’t spend more time.

Thank you again!

Michaela & Felix (Czech Republic & Germany)

April 2018

Cannot express sufficiently how much this meant for us.

We’ll try to spread the message and hope that many will follow.

Thanks for the intense experience.  

Bethany (UK)

April 2018

We felt so welcomed and comfortable at the WFC.
A unique chance to learn more about Japan’s past and hear personal stories.
Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Amilie (Germany)

March 2018

We were very moved and touched by the hibakusha story as well as the wonderful Peace Park tour.
Thank you for making such experiences possible!