Zoom Event from Hiroshima on August 6, 2021

Zoom Event August6 - Hibakusha's Message of Peace

The central mission of WFC, formed in 1965, has been to provide a place where hibakusha (A-bomb survivors) could give their testimonies. Last year, due to the pandemic, people could not come to Hiroshima to hear their stories. So, this year, we are bringing a hibakusha to you. We do not want another year of unheard testimonies!

On August 6,2021, 76 years since the atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima, we are holding an online event to hear a hibakusha tell his story.

The event will be in English with hibakusha testimony given in Japanese with English translation.
We invite everyone to sign up and join us online on August 6th.



Zoom Event from Hiroshima on August 6, 2021
“A Hibakusha’s Message of Peace”



Japan (Aug 6): 10am-11am
USA (Aug 5): EST 21:00 | CST 20:00 | MST 19:00 | PCT 18:00
UK (Aug 6): 02:00
Europe (Aug 6): 03:00



  • Introduction of WFC and August 6th
  • Importance of Hearing Hibakusha Stories
  • Hibakusha Testimony with Slides


Speaker: Minoru Hataguchi

Minoru Hataguchi was exposed in utero when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. He is now 75 years old. He used to be the director of the Peace Memorial Museum from 1997 to 2006. For many years he has actively been telling his story as a message of peace so that the use of nuclear weapons will never happen again.

Listen to his testimony live on August 6, 2021.



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Activities held Online ONLY
from April 29, 2021

To all the people involved in WFC,

Thank you very much for your warm support and cooperation with the WFC.

As you all know, the number of positive cases of the new coronavirus has been increasing in Hiroshima City since early April.  It is now at an unacceptable high level for the WFC; therefore, we would like to inform you of the following:

Effective immediately, April 29, 2021, all English conversation classes, events and activities will be held online only.

We will be closed for a period of time until the number of infected people in Hiroshima starts to decrease, and safety is confirmed. Please refrain from visiting the WFC and send your messages via email.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.
We hope that the new coronavirus will be resolved as soon as possible, and we sincerely hope for your safety and health.

WFC Chair, Michiko Yamane
WFC Directors, Roger & Kathy Edmark

Tanimoto Peace Foundation Internship Scholarship

The Tanimoto Peace Foundation, in partnership with the Hiroshima World Friendship Center, is offering an Internship Scholarship to up to three motivated individuals to come to Hiroshima for one month. The purpose of their study is to learn about, research about, participate in and write about one of the four pillars of the Tanimoto Peace Foundation: History, Peace Education, Art and Spirituality.

The internship will take place from July 4 – August 1, 2020 in Hiroshima, JAPAN.

Qualifications: The TPF Intern should be:

  • 18 years old at the time of arrival in Hiroshima
  • Interested in the history of Hiroshima and the atomic bomb
  • Open-minded and adaptable to new situations
  • Well-organized and a hard worker
  • Exploring life’s questions
  • Seeking peace internally as well as externally
  • Recommended by a faculty member
  • Familiarity with Japanese language would be useful, but not necessary

The Scholarship will include:

  • Round-trip airfare from your nearest international or connecting airport to Hiroshima
  • Lodging in Hiroshima at the World Friendship Center
  • Per diem allowance of ¥3000 (1 approx. $30)
  • Travel within Japan for research purposes
  • The Scholarship will not include health coverage or transportation to your airport.

The Intern is expected to:

  • Sign and meet all terms of the Contract (to be sent after acceptance)
  • Reside and work at the World Friendship Center and assist them in their daily activities
  • Participate in TPF four-pillar activities
  • Pursue independent research related to the Intern’s area of interest
  • Make a presentation of research project at the end of the Internship
  • Write a ten-page report or submit an art project within one month after the Internship, reports and art project to become property of TPF
  • Write a two-page evaluation of the internship program within one month of the Internship
  • Become part of the TPF Alumni group


  • Cover letter of introduction and CV
  • Essay: “Why I want to spend a month in Hiroshima” (500 words) based on one of the TPF pillars
  • Letter of Recommendation from faculty member (to be sent separately)
  • Deadline for receipt of application is April 10. Interviews will be conducted online between April 15-20 and final selection by April 25.
  • Application materials should be sent to rklein@gol.com

Cancellation: TPF will continue to monitor the health risks of coming to Japan and will inform accepted Interns by June 1 of the cancellation of the program for 2020.

Tanimoto Peace Foundation website: http://tanimotopeacefoundation.org/about/
World Friendship Center website: https://www.wfchiroshima.org/english/

Further questions should be sent to Dr. Ron Klein, rklein@gol.com

Friendship Afternoon — September, 2019

Roger and Kathy Edmark are the new directors at the WFC.
They will talk about their life stories in English.

Roger grew up in Seattle in the state of Washington. He went to school there including college at the University of Washington, and then worked for The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company for 43 years until retirement. Kathy’s memories are of growing up in Miyako-jima, Okinawa and Kobe, Japan. Her parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle were all missionaries. She moved to the states to finish high school, met Roger, and the two of them raised four children. Kathy worked 25 years in education as a para-educator. Both have felt called to serve in many capacities as a response to their faith.

World Friendship Center
TEL 082-503-3191
Email wfchiroshima@nifty.com
8-10 Higashi Kan-on,
Nishi-ku Hiroshima

2017 WFC Christmas Party

2017.12_Christmas Party FlyerDate: December 16, Saturday

Time: 1PM to 3PM

Place: WFC   

Participation fee: Free    

No present exchange


Peace Choir , Shin-chan’s show, Quiz,

Film:Martin the Shoemaker

Candle Service, etc

Please join us!

The Phoenix of Hiroshima

Phoenix of Hiroshima

Helen Jaccard of the Phoenix of Hiroshima Foundation will be giving a public presentation.
Friday, December 15 at 2:00 p.m.

English with Japanese translation
Phoenix of Hiroshima

The Phoenix of Hiroshima, a 50-foot, 30-ton yacht built by Miyajimaguchi boat builders for Dr. Earle Reynolds, is important in the post-war history of Hiroshima. After working as a scientific researcher in the ABCC project, Earle and Barbara Reynolds, two of their children, and a crew of three young Japanese men, set out for a round-the-world tour in 1954. As an act of protest, they sailed this boat into the Pacific Proving Ground (1958) used by the United States for the atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. Reynolds was arrested and put on trial for this protest. After his release, his familyABCC project, Earle and Barbara Reynolds, two of their children, and a crew of three young Japanese men, set out for a round-the-world tour in 1954. As an act of protest, they sailed this boat into the Pacific Proving Ground (1958) used by the United States for the atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. Reynolds was arrested and put on trial for this protest. After his release, his family sailed the boat back to Hiroshima. Barbara Reynolds became an outspoken advocate on behalf of Hibakusha and against nuclear weapons. She and citizens of Hiroshima traveled the world speaking out against nuclear weapons. In 1965, Barbara Reynolds started the World Friendship Center in Hiroshima as a way to carry on her work.

Several years ago the original Phoenix of Hiroshima was discovered underwater in the Sacramento River in California. Members of the Reynolds family and other interested parties established the Phoenix of Hiroshima Foundation to raise awareness of the history of this boat and to raise money to pay for the restoration of the boat.

World Friendship Center

8-10 Higashi Kan-on,
Nishi-ku Hiroshima, 733-0032 Japan

TEL 082-503-3191

Email worldfriendshipcenter@gmail.com

WFC Event August 6th, 2017

2017.08.06_Event Flyer

2017.08.06_Event Flyer

① Event at WFC

Place: WFC Living Room

▶︎ 10:30AM~10:50AM Speech by WFC Director

▶︎ 10:50AM~11:00AM

“Claw Marks of the Atomic Bombing”
‐overview of the A-bomb damage

▶︎ 11:00AM~12:00PM

A-bomb survivor’s story by Emiko Okada

(Translator: Kaori Kurumaji)

② Event at Barbara Reynolds Monument

▶︎ 5:30PM Meeting Time for Singing Practice

▶︎ 6:00PM Start

Song: Amazing Grace

Short Speech by Michiko Yamane (WFC Chairperson)

Song: Last night I had the strangest dream

③ Floating Paper Lanterns

Place: Children’s Peace Monument

▶︎ 7:00PM Meeting Time for Making Paper Lanterns

Short Speech by WFC Director

Song: Orizuru (Paper Crane)

Lyric Writer and Composer: Shihei Umehara