Guest Comments

The World Friendship center is the best place to be in Hiroshima!
Thank you for your kindness, and all the things you teach about the history of Hiroshima. It’s a very important and interesting step to get peace.

Laure (France) -February 2020

This has been a most moving and profound day. Thank you so much for the work you do and how much you rekindled me to use my art for peace.

Nano (USA) -January 2020

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay and for being such great hosts for our short time in Hiroshima. The experience of hearing a story from one of the hibakusha and having a personalized tour of the Peace Park from one of your lovely volunteers will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Ross & Carolyn (UK & Ireland) -November 2019

WFC was an amazing experience to us. A totally different way to experience history and to connect with another culture. It let us discover such a beautiful place like Hiroshima (we will come back someday, for sure) and meeting these amazing people – so strong and so warm. To Roger and Kathy, we can only give you our big thanks! You’re an amazing couple and gave us a really comfortable place to stay, making us feel like home.

Diego & Laury (Spain) -November 2019

WFC has given me one of the best experiences in my life. I have seen a side of history that I didn’t know. I have learned a lot about the dangers of nuclear energy and now I can warn others about the consequences of using that type of energy around the world. WFC has been a loving and warm place that has showed me the importance of peace in the world. I have met many people from several countries here and I’ve seen that in spite of having a different language or culture we’re all very similar. Thank you for being my home during my stay in Hiroshima.

Miriam (Venezuela) -October 2019

Thank you so much for your warm welcome into this beautiful home. I really appreciated the familial atmosphere and the poignant link to the history of the city. Keep up the good work!

Marc (Paris France) -October 2019

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and hospitality! We stayed at WFC for two nights only, but in this short time we learned so much and got inspired by the story of Barbara Reynolds and the voluntary work of Roger, Kathleen and our tour guides. Thank you very much for all your efforts. You are doing such an important work! You inspired us to make more out of our life. Warmest regards.

Vitalina and Christian (Hamburg Germany) -October 2019

Thank you so much. All the hosts and guides were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Really great stay!

Robert (Australia) -May 2018

Many thanks for a wonderful stay!

Super activities and a great schedule!

We feel very grateful for letting us stay here.

Jan (Sweden) -April 2018

This was the most amazing experience of my life!!! The WFC is the perfect location! Easy walking distance to the Peace Memorial, plenty of local restaurants, the room was very comfortable and clean! Dannie and Barbara and all of the other volunteers are doing amazing work spreading the knowledge of what happened in Hiroshima. An absolute unforgettable stay! Meeting Okada san and hearing her survival story was priceless. The guided tour through the Memorial was extremely informative. We did manage to unintentionally stump the tour guide, Miho, with a question and the team made sure to come back to us asap with an answer after our tour. Dannie and Barb ensured we had everything we needed and went out of their way to help us. If you’re looking for a great cozy place to stay near to the Memorial with the most hospitable and wonderful people, you MUST stay here!

Andrea (USA) -April 2018

I really enjoyed Etsuko’s talk tour at the peace park. Her talk was a particular highlight, as was the history behind the World Friendship Center.

Tess & Yann (Australia) -April 2018

We had a wonderful time at the WFC. Barbara & Dannie were amazing hosts. They are extremely kind and welcoming. We will definitely recommend the WFC to others. We hope to come back some day. Thanks!

Brett & Christine (USA) -March/April 2018

WFC provided me with experiences I could not have imagined. The hosts were overly kind and made me feel at home. Thank you so much!

Magdalena (Australia) -March 2018

Thanks for an informative visit and comfortable accommodation!

Andrea (Canada) -March 2018

We had an amazing stay at the WFC. We stayed for 3 nights and had a talk by a hibakusha (survivor) which was very interesting followed by the Peace Park tour. The people we met were all enthusiastic about their subject which made it very enjoyable and interesting. The lodging was also comfortable and for our next Japan travel we plan on coming back.

Thorsten (Germany) -March 2018

Very hospitable and warm culture in which to enjoy Hiroshima. We loved the company and the opportunity to learn about the historical events of the nuclear bomb.

Pamela (USA) -February 2018

Very nice and calm place, with interesting history. Great hospitality.

Sharman (Germany) -November 2017

Dear Barbara, dear Dannie, Thank you very much for the warm welcome here in Hiroshima. We enjoyed our time very much. In these times, places like WFC are getting more and more important. Thank you for your engagement.

Franziska (Germany) -October 2017

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. Very educational and impactful

Mia, Olivia, Chris, Tiffany, Jane, Nathan & Laura (Australia) -January 2020

Thank you Yoko and Kaori for an incredible time. Your hospitality is so warm and caring and you are incredibly generous with your time and knowledge. Many thanks!

Jodi, Adam, Beth (USA) -December 2019

We’ve had a wonderful experience at WFC. The whole concept of putting together hibakusha, Japanese guides to the Peace Park, and visitors is very enlightening. We heard the story of Goro and saw the park with Sumiko, who not only told us about the story of Barbara Reynolds, the monuments in the park and some Japanese history, but also shared her own view of many aspects of the effects of the bomb on Japanese society. Finally, Roger and Kathy are very worm hosts and went out of their way to arrange things for us during our stay. Thank you all for such an unforgettable experience.

Deborah and Fabiana (Brazil) -November 2019

Thank you Kathy & Roger for a warm welcome and comfortable stay. Learning about Hiroshima was an unforgettable experience and by adding interaction with Japanese people it was so even more meaningful. “And into ploughshares turn their swords, nations shall learn war no more” – the Japanese are making that happen – may all the rest of the countries follow this example – Amen

Claire & Shimshon (Israel) -November 2019

A big thanks for this experience. The tour with Mikiko was very interesting, as well as the story of Goro that was very moving and important. Thank you for your work here and warm welcome! See you soon hopefully.

Alma (Paris France) -October 2019

Thank you so much for your ongoing work telling stories and promoting peace. We are so fortunate to be traveling the world extensively, having experiences both adventurous and educational and sobering. It was important for us to visit Hiroshima and face and sit with the history, and how that connects to the present. I’m so impressed and grateful to the people of Hiroshima and the WFC for advocating for
activism and peace in response to such tragedy. We are grateful for the safe place to connect, learn and rest. We felt very at home, which is so needed on a journey like this.

Jeff and Kristin (USA) -September 2019

A very special experience and such a warm welcome from Barb & Dannie at the WFC. They generously shared time and their knowledge of Hiroshima with us. It is a true privilege to stay here. Thank you for so openly welcoming our baby daughter!

Nadine (Canada) -April 2018

Staying here definitely adds to the experience of visiting Hiroshima. Dannie and Barb were a wealth of knowledge and eager to share and give you as much (or as little) additional information as you want. What an honor to have the opportunity to hear a hibakusha tell his story! Only regret is that I couldn’t spend more time. So glad to support the mission of this place by staying! Thank you again!

Jessica (USA) -April 2018

Cannot express sufficiently how much this meant for us. We’ll try to spread the message and hope that many will follow. Thanks for the intense experience.

Michaela & Felix (Czech Republic & Germany) -April 2018

Thank you for sharing such a personal and moving account of your terrible experiences resulting from the A-bomb blast. Our prayers are for peace to come to all people as God provides the strength and understanding to us all. Thank you again!

Kevin & Barb (USA) -April 2018

We felt so welcomed and comfortable at the WFC. An interesting and thought provoking stay, a unique chance to learn more about Japan’s past and hear personal stories. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Bethany (UK) -April 2018

Thank you for our lovely stay here in WFC! We were very moved and touched by the hibakusha story as well as the wonderful Peace Park tour. Thank you for making such experiences possible!

Amilie (Germany) -March/April 2018

Lovely stay! Wonderful, informative hosts who generously shared time and stories with us. Great location.

Karen (USA) -March 2018

Really glad to get to know this place and the people working here. Thanks a lot. Thanks for the accommodation. Perfect.

Thomas & Tabea (Germany) -March 2018

Thank you so much for the amazing stay! It gave me so many new perspectives on life that I won’t forget. I will spread the message of the WFC as far and wide as I can. Hopefully we will see each other again soon!

Lisette (Germany) -March 2018

What a great way to learn the lessons of Hiroshima – by connecting with bomb survivors and people committed to nuclear disarmament. Plus, the hospitality was great and the accommodations comfortable.
I would love to come back! Thank you, Barb & Dannie!

Susan & Len (USA) -November 2017

Warm and friendly hosts. Thank you for your hospitality and great breakfasts. Learnt a lot about history during my stay here.

Michelle (Singapore) -November 2017

Wonderful and inspiring people who run this center. Also good accommodation and very excellent price/quality. It was a pleasure staying here and we continue our trip (re)loaded with energy and inspiration! Thank you very much!

Arjan (The Netherlands) -August 2017