WFC Friendship Hour “US PAX Report (1/28)”

2024.01.28_PAX Report FHOn January 28, WFC held a Friendship Hour for Okahara Tamiyuki-san, Horie Soh-san, Sunawaki Mariko-san, and Osawa Yuko-san to share about their travels to the U.S. as our PAX delegates. It was wonderful to see so many friends in attendance! 
The delegates spoke about Hiroshima to over 1300 people across Washington and Oregon, in churches, schools, a university, and at the Ploughshares Conference. 
The audience laughed listening to their stories and enjoyed learning about the mementos from their travels: picture books about the atomic bomb they read to children, model airplanes from WWII, gifts and souvenirs, roadmaps and brochures, and photo albums. 
Thank you to everyone for attending.

WFC Friendship Hour ~Leslie Sussan & “Hiroshima, My Father, and Me”

Leslie SussanOn October 29, 2023, we welcomed Leslie Sussan, author of “Choosing Life: My Father’s Journey in Film from Hollywood to Hiroshima”. Thank you to all who attended the talk.
Choosing Life shares the experience of Sussan’s father, a cinematographer for the US government in 1946. His footage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki documented not just the effect it had on the cities, but also on the people, hibakusha (A-bomb survivors).
He spent over forty years working to release the footage that the US government classified as “secret” to the public.
We were grateful to learn from Leslie Sussan about her father’s effect on her life, Leslie’s relationship to Hiroshima, and her message about “the duty between generations to receive our parent’s stories, wisdom, and values to preserve them and to pass on to our own children that heritage.”
It made us realize the importance to recognize our interdependence and our effect upon the world.
We were surprised and pleased by the attendance of Nagai-Sensei, an organizer of the 10 Feet Campaign in Hiroshima, a civil movement which bought back the footage of A-bombed cities, that Leslie’s father has recorded, from the US government to share with the public at large. He shared his memories of work with the 10 Feet Campaign.
The evening ended with a chance for questions and answers from the audience. Thank you, Leslie for having such a heart for Hiroshima and we thank everyone for their attendance and engagement!

WFC Friendship Hour 10/29 (Leslie Sussan)

2023.10.29_Sussan Friendship Hour Flyer
WFC Friendship Hour

Leslie Sussan & “Hiroshima, My Father, and Me”

Date & Time: October 29, 2023 (SUN) @ 2:30 – 4:30pm(Doors Open at 2pm)
Venue: Essor Hiroshima Room 1・2
(10th floor Orizuru Tower, 2-1 Ote-machi 1-chome, Naka-ku)
*English & Japanese

In 1946, with the war over and Japan occupied, 2nd Lt. Herbert Sussan received a plum assignment. He would get to use his training as a cinematographer and join a Strategic Bombing Survey crew to record the results of the atomic bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. From his first arrival in Nagasaki, he knew that something novel and appalling had happened and that he had to preserve a record of the results, especially the ongoing suffering of those affected by the bomb (known as hibakusha) even months later. When the U.S. government decided that the gruesome footage would not be “of interest” to the American public and therefore classified it top secret, he spent decades arguing for its release.

His last wish was that his ashes be scattered at ground zero in Hiroshima. The author, his daughter, followed his footsteps in 1987, meeting survivors he had filmed more than 40 years before. And on that journey she found a father she had never really known in life.

This book recounts Herbert Sussan’s experiences (drawn directly from an oral history he left behind), his daughter’s quest to understand what he saw in Japan, and the
stories of survivors whose lives touched both father and daughter.


Leslie A. Sussan was born and raised in Manhattan, and now lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with her daughter Kendra and their cat, Neko-chan. Over a long career as an attorney, she litigated for the U.S. Department of Justice, represented migrant farmworkers and abused children, and has now retired after fifteen years as an administrative appellate judge. She attends Bethesda Friends Meeting. She and Kendra lived in Hiroshima for a year in 1987-88.

Friendship Hour with Barb and Dannie

Friendship Hour - Barb & DannieAt Saturday’s Friendship Hour, former Directors Barb and Dannie shared about their travels from 2019 to 2020, adventuring through Russia, the Baltic States, Palestine and Israel, and Europe, then finally back to their home in Indiana.

In addition to seeing beautiful places and visiting friends, they learned more of the history of Auschwitz, the Gaza Strip, the Mostar Bridge, and the home and grave of author and philosopher Leo Tolstoy.

After their presentation was Q&A and time for open conversation. Through this time of sharing, attendees had the chance to reflect on war and the pursuit of peace.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

See more photos on the official WFC facebook page >


Friendship Hour - Barb & Dannie

【Friendship Hour】
Talk by former Directors, Barb and Dannie

2022.11.26_Barb & DannieAfter finishing their service as Directors at WFC in 2019, Barb Shenk and Dannie Otto traveled the world.
At this Friendship Hour they will share about their journeys and experiences, and share a message of peace.
There will be time for Q&A and discussion at the end of their presentation. Hope to see you there!
Presentation will be in English
Date & Time:
November 26, 2022 (SAT)
2pm – 4pm (Doors open at 1:30 pm)
JMS Aster Plaza – 4th floor big tatami room
4-17 Kakomachi Naka-ku, Hiroshima
Admission fee: 500 yen at the door
There is a limit of 60 attendees, so register on this Google Form to reserve your spot.