WFC Event August 6th, 2017

2017.08.06_Event Flyer

2017.08.06_Event Flyer

① Event at WFC

Place: WFC Living Room

▶︎ 10:30AM~10:50AM Speech by WFC Director

▶︎ 10:50AM~11:00AM

“Claw Marks of the Atomic Bombing”
‐overview of the A-bomb damage

▶︎ 11:00AM~12:00PM

A-bomb survivor’s story by Emiko Okada

(Translator: Kaori Kurumaji)

② Event at Barbara Reynolds Monument

▶︎ 5:30PM Meeting Time for Singing Practice

▶︎ 6:00PM Start

Song: Amazing Grace

Short Speech by Michiko Yamane (WFC Chairperson)

Song: Last night I had the strangest dream

③ Floating Paper Lanterns

Place: Children’s Peace Monument

▶︎ 7:00PM Meeting Time for Making Paper Lanterns

Short Speech by WFC Director

Song: Orizuru (Paper Crane)

Lyric Writer and Composer: Shihei Umehara